• Reuben And The Dark - Arms Of A Dream

Reuben And The Dark - Arms Of A Dream


All products will ship on or before May 4, 2018. 

The Deluxe Bundle version features the album on white vinyl + a special tote bag handmade by Reuben with handwritten lyrics and tour polaroids – limited edition of 20 (preorder only)
The Deluxe version features the album on white vinyl – limited edition of 80 (preorder only). 

Reuben and the Dark's sophomore album, Arms of a Dream, features the spirited folk outfit's most vivid and enveloping music to date. Led by songwriter and vocalist Reuben Bullock, the album's eleven songs explore the inversion of imagination and reality in the light of dreams. This is Reuben and the Dark at its most empowered, both heartened and broken-hearted, tracking a sound as momentous as the determination within. Produced by Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk, Adrianne "AG" Gonzalez, Graham Lessard, and mixed by Matty Green, Arms of a Dream pushes powerful imagery and lush sonic detail to the forefront. Where Funeral Sky, the stunning 2014 debut, lavished in low fidelity, the new album is a high definition dream. 

1. Wild Life
2. All or Nothing
3. Hurricane
4. Dreaming
5. Heart in Two
6. Arms of a Dream
7. Hallelujah
8. Castaway
9. Woke up a Rebel 
10. Stay Wild
11. Realize

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