Reuben and the Dark - Bobcaygeon MP3

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It's not often that a song can move the performer as much as it moves the audience. The first time we played "Bobcaygeon" in front of a crowd, I knew we needed to get into a studio and record it. Feeling how widely Gord's spirit resonates, I wanted to release my version of "Bobcaygeon" for the Downie Wenjack Fund as my way of using our band's voice to support and engage with Gord's vision of reconciliation. The Downie Wenjack Fund is important because of its focus on youth, its active education on Indigenous history, and the creation of connections with this land's rich Indigenous culture. I am compelled to be a part of this action, to be both a listener and a participant in these conversations, a student of these issues, and a proponent of progress.  - Reuben Bullock

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