Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams


Release Date: October 5, 2018 

LP: Wide spine jacket houses 2 standard weight 140g LPs and a 22.75˝ x 33˝ 2-sided newsprint poster

LPX: Pressed on creamfruit coloured vinyl; wide spine jacket houses 2 standard weight 140g LPs and a 22.75˝ x 33˝ 2-sided newsprint poster

Fucked Up’s Dose Your Dream is a sprawling double-album in the style of 70s rock opera – a love story in the age of disillusionment. This album is about the freedom to live, to dream, and to make new dreams come alive in our real lives, which have been fed over to the forces of greed, reification, consumerism, and social media. The spiritual successor to David Comes To Life finds the band’s perennial hero David in the throes of this metaphysical odyssey. The first single, “Raise Your Voice Joyce,” is an incendiary Buzzcocks-inspired stormer that sets the stage for the album’s impending clash of punk-adjacent styles, as David encounters his spiritual catalyst Joyce Tops. Owen Pallett, who contributed strings to the record, captures it in his album biography: The politics and aesthetics of hardcore married to an “open format” approach to genre. Elements of doo-wop, krautrock, groove, digital hardcore … Fucked Up have made their Screamadelica. Written and produced by Mike Haliechuk with drummer Jonah Falco, the central force of Damian Abraham joined by a cast of guest vocalists, Dose Your Dreams is an epic double-album of sonic, mythical journeying – a reckoning with the hope and dread at odds in our everyday.

1. None Of Your Business Man
2. Raise Your Voice Joyce
3. Tell Me What You See
4. Normal People
5. Torch To Light
6. Talking Pictures
7. House Of Keys
8. Dose Your Dreams
9. Living In A Simulation
10. I Don’t Wanna Live In This World Anymore
11. How To Die Happy feat. Alice Hansen
12. Two I’s Closed
13. the One I Want Will Come For Me
14. Mechanical Bull feat. Ryan Tong
15. Accelerate
16. Came Down Wrong feat. Jennifer Castle & J Mascis
17. Love Is An Island In The Sea
18. Joy Stops Time feat. Miya Folick