• Constantines - Kensington Heights

Constantines - Kensington Heights


Arts & Crafts is thrilled to reveal details from Constantines forthcoming album Kensington Heights, which is available now.

12 tracks in all, the lead-off single, "Hard Feelings", has already received tremendous response from fans throughout North America, since its release on January 15 as a limited edition, white 7-inch vinyl.

The Constantines maintain a feverishly partisan dedication to the wild delirium of rock n roll air punchingly anthemic. NME

Once the Constantines start heading off-stage, the woo hoos start going off like air-raid sirens. No one's saying it, but everyone's thinking it: we have something to believe in again. The Constantines are the children of Fugazi, stepbrothers to Make-Up and Trail of Dead, the grand-kids of Springsteen and Strummer. They call what they do soul

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