Reuben And The Dark - Heart In Two - MP3

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Reuben And The Dark - Heart In Two
Release Date: January 15, 2016

“Heart In Two” is a triumphant song about love, light, and darkness. The first new music since Funeral Sky, Reuben And The Dark's captivating 2014 debut, escalates the band's sound to new heights of clarity, and uncharted depths of spirit. Reuben Bullock is a natural storyteller, painting melody-laden images of shadow and sunlight, unfurled over colossal drums and timeless chorus, sung in a voice charmed by wisdom, sweetened with innocence. With “Heart In Two”, Reuben takes the plodding, haunted folk of “Rolling Stone”, with the lush dramatics of “Bow And Arrow”, and creates his most undeniable anthem yet, built in a perfect arc of evocative production and climactic pause.

1. Heart In Two